Try Reusable Tea Bags And Ideas to Reduce Waste

Did you know tea bags from the store contain plastic? Forget them and try these reusable tea bags and ideas when brewing your next cup.

Why use reusable tea bags

Most store-bought teabags are made with nylon and polyethylene terephthalate. In other words, they’re made with plastic!

One Canadian study found that one plastic teabag added to one cup of boiling water released over 11 billion microplastic particles and over 3 billion nanoplastic particles.

All that in a single cup of tea!

Drinking plastic is not what you signed up for. If there was ever a reason to switch to eco friendly, reusable tea bags, I think that would be it.

Reusable tea bags and ideas

Tea bags serve two purposes:

  • to hold the leaves, roots and spices you want to brew
  • to strain the leaves, roots and spices out of the tea for easy cleanup

If you are perfectly fine with bits in your tea, you don’t need to use a tea bag or purchase anything.

Use what you have

If you prefer no bits, a simple strainer will work to remove those loose tea bits.

For finer bits, you can use a cloth to strain the tea.

I have these hemmed cheesecloths from Amazon that I love. They’re so versatile and I use them to make nut milk and coconut oil.

(Check out how I make my own coconut oil here >>)

DIY your own tea bags

Any thin, cotton fabric will work to make your very own reusable tea bags. You can repurpose your own thin cotton cloths and even shirts. Or use the cheesecloths as the fabric.

Born to Be Organics has a great video on Youtube explaining the steps for DIYing the reusable tea bags. Check out their video here:

When you’re finished with the bag, be sure to compost the tea and wash the bag with your favorite eco friendly soap.

Purchase muslin bags

If sewing isn’t your thing, get these unbleached cotton muslin tea bags from Amazon. They are really easy to use and easy to clean up.

There are enough bags here that you can dedicate to certain teas – especially the ones that will stain the fabric like turmeric.

Unbleached, cotton teabags can be chucked into the compost bin at the end of its life – as in years later.

The bags will take a couple months to completely breakdown – but they do eventually get there.

If you have a municipal composting facility nearby, the teabags will decompose even faster there.

Muslin cotton tea bags

Try metal infusers

Although I prefer using fabric tea bags, you can try a metal tea infuser too.

There are a couple advantages to them:

  • they’re easy to clean up
  • their life span is longer since they’re more durable
  • they don’t stain quickly
  • they can be repurposed and recycled at the end of their lives

I really like this fine mesh tea infuser from Amazon. It is sturdier than the infuser balls and does really well to contain the loose tea.

fine mesh tea infuser

If you are interested in more about zero waste tea and what to brew, check out this related post:

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