7 Ideas for Eco friendly Wedding Invitations

Young love! I remember it well. Those butterflies to get married. The stresses of wedding planning. Add eco-anxiety on top of that and I can only imagine how stressed out a young couple could be. But, don’t worry! There are eco friendly wedding invitations out there that you can try.

Before I get into those options, I should mention one thing.

No one cares about your wedding invitations more than you do.

Reality check!

No one will make jokes or snide comments about your invitations. No one is judging you.

Think about when you get an invitation – you look at it, admire it, add the dates into your calendar, note the directions, and save the registry info. Then what do you do?

Toss the invitation aside to the forgotten pile? I’m guilty of that!

So, don’t overstress about the invitations.

If your guests know you are eco conscious and subscribe to the sustainable lifestyle, they’ll understand appreciate eco friendly wedding invitations.

Trust me! The ones that love you, get it! Even if they give you a hard time about it.

What’s Wrong with Regular Invitations?

Not all paper is biodegradable and compostable.

Colored and glossy paper – which many invitations are made out of – contain dyes and toxic metals. So, chucking them into a backyard compost bin is a solid no-no.

Printer ink is another issue.

Most commercial printers use ink that contain heavy metals and petroleum-based compounds. Ugh! If you’re into the zero waste lifestyle, you know about the ills of the petroleum industry.

Printing cartridges themselves are almost all made out of plastic. And, if you are DIY-ing your own invitations, you’ll likely need spare cartridges to make sure you don’t run out of ink.

That means more plastic and more plastic waste (unless there are cartridge recycling initiatives near you).

Then, there is the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transporting all your invitations. I mean, that’s hard to avoid in these days when inviting everyone from all over the country. But, it’s still a consideration.

Now, I’m not here to say don’t use any of the regular invitations. There is no judgement if you want a traditional wedding invitation.

It’s ok to want those things for yourself. Don’t start getting eco-anxiety on me.

Instead, all I want you to do, is just consider the eco friendly wedding invitations here. Just sit back, enjoy the wedding planning and consider if these can work for you.

Eco friendly Wedding Invitations

1. Wanderings handmade flower seed paper cards

Wanderings handmade flower seed paper cards

These are the perfect eco friendly wedding invitations.

The paper contain seeds of wildflowers in it. When your guests are done with your invitation, they can plant it and have wonderful flowers in their garden. How cool is that!

The paper is made with cotton. Oh and traditional East Indian paper making techniques are used here. So, the sheets are acid-free and chemical-free.

Now, here’s the downside. The paper is really thick so you won’t be able to run it through your printer.

But, if you have a lovely handwriting, be sure to use a simple pen to create a beautiful, custom, thoughtful wedding invitation. You can make each one special for the invitee. Won’t that be lovely?

Although the paper is thick and reduces bleed-through, test your markers on a small section first.

Each package comes with 50 4” x 6” cards and planting information. 

2. Kathmandu greeting card and envelope box set

Kathmandu greeting card and envelope box set

You don’t need to cut down trees to make this paper. It’s made from the Daphne shrub, a subspecies of laurel. It’s called the lokta bush and grows in the Nepalese mountains.

So essentially, this lokta paper is tree-free and much more sustainable.

Originally, the paper was only used to create Nepalese government documents and religious texts.

Now, it’s far more widespread and is even being used to make eco friendly, sustainable packaging. 

These cards are handmade and embedded with lovely flowers in it.

They are also printer friendly! But, the flowers give the paper some texture, so you may not get the best printing on it. Some of the flowers could also detach in the printer. 

Still, it’s another opportunity to create thoughtful, customized eco friendly wedding invitations.

Each package comes with 15 4” x 6” cards. And envelopes are included! 

You can also pick up printer-friendly regular 8.5” x 11” lokta paper too. Use them to print menus, seating cards, programs and signs.

Punch holes in them and tie them with twine or burlap to make your own guest book too!

3. Of The Earth seeded plantable paper

Of The Earth seeded plantable paper make great eco friendly wedding invitations

This beautiful plantable paper is made with natural cotton fiber. It’s lightweight – not card stock – so you’ll need to write your invitations by hand.

The company recommends using a ballpoint pen to avoid any ink bleeding through.

They also specify the seeds in here are poppy, petunia, snapdragon, catchfly, daisy, evening primrose, foxglove, and more.

You should know the planting instructions are printed on one side of each card (in Comic Sans font) to let your guests know the paper is plantable.

This set comes with 100 4” x 6” cards.

They also have lots of other embedded paper products in their Amazon store.

These tags are adorable. Use them on your wedding favors. They have lokta paper thank you cards and envelopes too.

Oh and these adorable hearts will make great decorative elements. Contact the company to ask them for custom printing on the hearts. They’re US based and should be able to print what you want!

4. Bloomin premium seed paper

Bloomin premium seed paper as eco friendly wedding invitations

Here’s another seed paper for your eco friendly wedding invitations.

The paper is thick but you can use it with your ink jet printers. The company also says you can do silkscreen and letterpress printing on them.

The thickness is also great for those beautiful bullet journal pens that tend to bleed through regular paper.

When it’s time to germinate, ask your guests to soak the paper overnight before planting in soil. After that, they’ll have wildflowers like catchfly, sweet alyssum, black-eyed susan and more.

This one comes with 10 sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper.

5. SmartSolve Water-Soluble Dissolving Paper

SmartSolve Water-Soluble Dissolving Paper

Yes, you read that right!

Lokta and cotton papers aren’t the only ones on this list. There’s dissolving paper too.

This one is made with cellulose and other compostable ingredients to create a transparent, water soluble paper product.

This is essentially the eco friendly version to acrylic wedding invitations.

You can print on this paper too but it does have a shelf life of one year. So, over time, it’ll disintegrate as it absorbs moisture from the air. Or just add it to water and watch it dissolve without a trace.

You get 25 8.5” x 11” sheets with this product.

6. DIY Paper

Save all your used paper. Newspaper, notes – it doesn’t matter. Collect some from your friends and family too.

Cut the paper into small pieces and soak them overnight. Blend the paper and use a mold like this one to make your very own eco friendly wedding invitations out of recycled paper.

Check out Sharmane’s video for all the steps:

7. E-invites Make Great Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

Remember that whole section about all the things wrong with the regular invitations?

You can avoid the paper, printing ink, and transportation carbon footprint by sending an e-invitation.

I actually did this for my own wedding – although I did send paper invitations for my older, less tech-savvy family members.

And guess what? Everyone who got an e-invite showed up!

E-invites give you full control to design your own invitations and to express your full personality.

If designing isn’t your thing, there are lots and lots of easy templates available for FREE on graphic sites like canva.com. Just add your text, and export as a pdf or image.


E-invites are probably the most eco friendly wedding invitations you can have.

Now, it’s your turn. Have you ever thought about e-invites? Or plantable, eco friendly wedding invitations? I’d love to hear from you.

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